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Donview GESS Indonesia 2017 Exhibition

Indonesia GESS 2017 is held in Jakarta Convention Center on September 27-29th.
In the exhibition, Donview exhibited all-in-one touch screen, recording and broadcasting all-in-one touch screen, 153inch all-in-one interactive whiteboard, laser projector, infrared interactive whiteboard.

Donview all-in-one touch screen that including 55/65/70/75/85/86/98 inch. It integrates infrared touch technology, computer technology, HD and 4K display technology. It has 10 points touch and gesture recognition to allow user to write and erase contents simultaneously. With design of eye protection and the use of anti-glare tempering glass, the whole display screen without mirror-like effect, visual doesn’t have reflection and glare. While the touch screen could be controlled by tablet PC, PC or mobile phone through its interactivity. According to the test report, the MTBF of Donview all-in-one touch screen is not less than 100,000 hours.

Donview all-in-one interactive whiteboard is designed for smart teaching. Which integrates interactive whiteboard, computer, 2*30W speakers, central-controlled system and visualizer into one machine, also built-in dual operating system of Windows and Android for intelligent teaching. In addition to the size of 82", 93", 101", 127", Donview released the first largest size of 153inch all-in-one interactive whiteboard in the world. It allows user to project computer’s main screen and vice screen on one board, to display teaching resources on one half screen and write to the other half screen by marker pen, or to present PPT previous page on the main screen and next page on the vice screen, while the writing contents by marker pen could be saved in the form of electronic file.  

With Donview laser projector, the solution of all-in-one interactive whiteboard with laser projector provides ultra-wide display and writing for intelligent teaching.